Pretty Perfect Protein Pancakes

My partner-in-crime is a sugar-loving beast, and I am the monster who must limit his intake. I’m always looking for ways to make the sweets he likes with a little less added sugar. Sometimes you can fudge a sugar-free sweet with sweet emulators like coconut oil and cinnamon, but sometimes you just want a real … Read more

GF Baking Quick Tips

Per the request of a friend, I have compiled some notes on very basic gf baking. 1) Pre-made blends 2) Base 2) Protein 3) Binder 4) Notes and simple almond flour method 5) Delicious pancake recipes PRE-MADE If you’re just looking to make a batch of pancakes, a cake, or a batch of cookies, get … Read more

Delightful Almond Cookie Bars

Gluten-free baking is an art mastered over time, after many terrible baked goods have been lovingly served to those nearest and dearest to the baker. This relentless process of trial and error and the eating of too many baked abominations makes zeroing in on a perfect recipe all that much sweeter. These Delightful Almond Bars … Read more

Salty Cheese Potato Train

Salty Cheese Potato Train: the meal that inspired the mega-hit. I could wax poetic about this delicious potato train all day, but you should just make it. It takes a long time to cook, for how quickly you will consume it, but it’s well worth the wait. Get Your Shit Together White Potatoes 3-4 medium … Read more